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R&D alliances

  Industrial Partnerships team


What for?

Inserm Transfert's primary objective in licensing technology or signing R&D partnerships is
to maximize the likelihood that technologies and know-how will reach the market in a timely fashion.  We place great value on building strong public-private partnerships between biopharmaceutical companies and academic research teams/centres
to accomplish this strategic goal.inserm 51689 Patrice Latron© Inserm / C.Minghelli


What we do

We propose tailor-made solutions to feed your R&D pipeline.  We have developed a unique process that allows us to understand your needs and match them with the scientific excellence and expertise mapped out by Inserm teams.  These large-scale partnerships or strategic alliances may encompass discovery, preclinical, clinical and even public health phases, singly or together, in every medical field, and may combine different forms of knowledge transfer (licence, R&D collaboration, etc.).


 How do we do it?

We help scientific teams on both sides to communicate and establish a common research project and the accompanying road maps.  We negotiate and implement these strategic alliances taking on board the input of both parties and the potential needs and policies of parent and sister institutions.  We also propose alliance management to guarantee smooth coordination of these partnerships.


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International R&D datings

Inserm Transfert has been assisting Aviesan in mapping the scientific excellence and expertise presented during the very selective annual International R&D Dating event hosted by the French government since its inception.


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