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Public health alliances

  Public Health Team


What for?

Inserm is one of France's key public health players, with a remit encompassing all the scientific disciplines contributing to clinical research and public health. Maintaining and improving public health is one of the major mandates of our time and a concern shared by both academia and industry.

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In this context, the need to pool large-scale health studies between academic and private partners is now widely accepted in order to enhance patient access, guarantee the availability and mobilisation of investigators given the extremely high costs involved, and responding to the growing demand for epidemiological data from the health industry.


Taking advantage of Inserm's unique position and expertise, Inserm Transfert focuses on your offering tailored support  in public health large-scale projects.


We have developed in-house expertise in designing, building and following-up adequate innovative public-private partnerships : these may be the cohorts funded by the Investments for the future Programme or existing projects.

What we do

We help you participate in the project alongside academic partners and other industrial partners. In concrete terms, we:

  • design the public-private project, negotiate and, if required, track multiple-partner alliances;
  • deal with scientific, financial, regulatory, ethical and legal concerns.

How do we do it?

The main issues at stake for these public-private projects revolve around scientific value, independence, and transparency. We address them by building partnerships based on:

  • scientific excellence
  • clear and strong governance
  • international quality standards
  • access rights and procedures
  • IP and exploitation rights

“Epidemiology – France” Portal

This portal offers an online catalogue of the principal French health databases likely to be useful for the development of research and expertise in public health. Visit the website


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