How we work

Inserm Transfert carries out knowledge transfer operations on behalf of Inserm to develop, protect and exploit the results and know-how generated by its researchers and match them with industry needs.56-n15049© Inserm / R.Oriol

Inserm is the only French public research institute focusing entirely on human health with the ability to conduct translational research from lab bench to patient bedside.

Thanks to its unique position, we can provide tailor-made solutions to feed your open-innovation strategies. We work at matching the scientific excellence of Inserm teams in discovery, preclinical, clinical and public health research with the needs of your organization. We connect people in public and private laboratories to foster partnered team spirit. We can offer you:


  • access to commercial opportunities such as:
    • research tools and resources generated by Inserm laboratories (see link)
    • innovative and patented biomedical technologies (see link)
    • epidemiological studies (cohorts, case-control, cross-sectional studies, post-inscription or post inscription studies, etc.) in public health
  • opportunities for R&D collaboration with world-class Inserm scientists within the framework of strategic alliances (see link)
  • participation in large-scale public health observational studies from inception (see link)
  • our expertise in managing international research projects (see link)





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