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Public health

  Public Health Team



What for ?

Large-scale public health projects bring into play numerous aspects requiring expertise in setting up and managing projects but also in business development. Inserm Transfert teams help scientific coordinators develop their project by dealing with scientific, financial, regulatory, ethical and legal concerns.

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We assist them in designing, building and tracking relevant, innovative partnerships between academic and industry partners.

We can provide this management and business development expertise either from project inception or at any time during the life of an existing project.

What we do for/with you

We manage the project throughout its entire life. In concrete terms,

  • assist the coordinator in day-to-day management of the project
  • propose and implement a communication plan (newsletters, website, events.)
  • provide biostatistics: execute statistical analyses, write reports under the scientific supervision of the coordinator

We also propose potential "matches" between industrial and academic teams, design public-private projects, implement the business strategy and negotiate and track multiple-partner alliances. (see link)


How do we do it?

  • We monitor compliance with the work plan
  • We liaise between partners and ensure coordination
  • We implement legal requirement
  • We support governing boards (organisation, slides, summaries, secretariat) and report to partners and sponsors
  • We develop and implement standard operating procedures
  • We ensure patient recruitment efficacy
  • We manage CRAs (Clinical research associates)


“Epidemiology – France” Portal

This portal offers an online catalogue of the principal French health databases likely to be useful for the development of research and expertise in public health. Visit the website



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